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Ramassage de la laine l Segard Masurel

What is the role of the wool collector?

The wool selection process is as important as the shearing of the sheep. Not so long ago, French wool was left to its own devices, even burnt as it was…
Utilisations de la laine l Segard Masurel

The uses of sheep’s wool

Sheep’s wool is a noble, soft and supple material. But it is also a material with incredible thermal and absorbent properties. It can therefore be easily used in many fields…
Afrique du Sud à la rencontre des fermiers avec Asphalte laine l Segard Masurel

The manufacturing process of wool yarn

Wool yarn is such a small product, but it can be used to make many different textile and clothing items. We appreciate wool for its softness, its quality and its…
Laine peignée ruban l Segard Masurel

What is wool combing?

The operation of combing the wool can only take place after the stages of preparation of the wool, i.e. after shearing, washing/scouring and carding. Because yes, this step is not…
Moutons laine l Segard Masurel

The benefits of Merino wool

Merino wool is a natural fibre that is being increasingly adopted by the textile industry and by consumers. And for good reason! It has multiple properties that make it ideal…
Agriculture regénératrice méthode et process l Segard Masurel

Regenerative agriculture, a sustainable practice

What is regenerative agriculture? Regenerative agriculture defines farming methods and techniques that enhance soil quality to restore biodiversity and thus reduce the impact of farming practices on the environment. The…
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