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Scoured / Carbonised / Combed Wool

Laine brute de mouton l Segard Masurel

Greasy Wool

Segard Masurel is able to provide greasy wool of various types from several countries, namely: Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and North and South America.

The prices tends to vary depending on the fineness, length, colour, yield, vegetable matter content, kemp and medullated fibre (the thick and hollow hairs that can be found in the wool) content. There is a market and use for most wool types but homogeneity is an important factor.

Laine brute l Segard Masurel

Wool for Worsted Spinning

For knitting or weaving applications, Segard Masurel offers wool sliver tops ranging from between 14 to 40µm.

The origin of our wool tops can be from various countries, but mainly from those in which we are established. Through trusted partnerships, we can provide tops made of wool sourced globally from any location, if required.

Combing is carried out on a commission basis and in reputed combing mills. Certified wool tops can be supplied on request and include non-mulesed wool, Abelusi Wool (click here to know more), RWS and GOTS.

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Wool for Woollen Spinning

Shorter wools are used for woollen spinning where the wool is carded, then spun directly into yarn (without combing). Shorter wools also have other uses such as for use as felting or stuffing.

At Segard Masurel, we supply loose wools ideal for woollen spinning from various origins in the following forms: scoured, carbonised, open top and noils (combing process by-product). Various wools with differing specification for fineness, style and vegetable matter content are available depending on the application.

Finer wools are more likely used for clothing whereas coarser wools may be selected for carpets. Within this spectrum, there is wool suited to the production of blankets and upholstery to name a few.

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