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Others products

Once the transformation of our wools is carried out,
we can offer you products such as:

Blousses conventionnelles l Segard Masurel

Conventional noil

(combing waste)

Burrs Segard Masurel


(card waste)

Laine Cardée l Segard Masurel

Typical applications
the burrs and the noils

We also sell the by-products of the wool combing process: the ”burrs” and the “noils”.

“Burrs” are the by-product of the carding process, just before combing. They are mainly vegetable matter but there are also wool fibres entangled in the vegetable matter. One can extract the wool from the burrs through the carbonising process. Even if the “burrs” have low value because the wool yield is low and the wool fibres are short, they still have some value.

“Noils” are short fibres taken out by the combs during the combing process. They usually have some vegetable matter mixed within but much less than in the burrs. They are used as a raw material for woollen spinning.