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Services for wool farms

Our suite of services comes standard with on-farm support as required and the sharing of relevant commercial information gathered from our international wool marketing sources to keep you abreast of market trends.

Our trusted reputation within the wool industry combined with an extensive knowledge of key markets puts us in a unique position to optimise the sale of your wool clip. We match specific wool types to end markets to strengthen returns to growers, and we have markets for entire wool clips, not just the best bits.

Segard Masurel offers a wide range of efficient wool selling systems backed by a strong technical field service team with many years’ experience between them. We like to work with our growers in the following areas:

  • Woolshed visits and shed starts
  • Optimum shearing programmes
  • Best clip preparation methods
  • Relevant market information

Segard Masurel deals exclusively in wool – buying and exporting wool the world over. We have a long history in wool and a very good understanding of all facets of the market. We pay particular attention to keeping you informed about how to process and market your wool clip to best advantage. This is a key point of difference between us and our competitors because we are a fully integrated wool exporter with a vested interest on both sides of the equation. Our services are streamlined to preserve low cost-structures. In working with our growers to achieve premium prices we also preserve our international reputation as one of the world’s leading and largest wool traders. Your success is our success.


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