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The role of wholesale wool supplier and trader

At the heart of the textile industry, wool supplier, buyer and trader play an essential role in connecting the world of agriculture, industry and brands. These natural fibre experts are the guardians of a centuries-old wool textile tradition, of expertise guaranteeing fibre quality, and of the diversity of wool types available on the market. 

In this article, we take you on a journey into the world of SEGARD MASUREL, a wool merchant since 1846, our role as a wool supplier, our responsibilities and commitments to the wool industry and finally, our commitment to the current challenges facing the textile industry.

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Wool supplier : the link between sheep farmers and the textile industry

The wool buyer is the link between sheep farmers, manufacturers and brands. SEGARD MASUREL is on the ground with the producers, ensuring the quality of the wool produced and compliance with social, environmental and animal welfare standards. This direct link with farmers and manufacturers guarantees simple and transparent wool traceability.

For over 150 years, SEGARD MASUREL has been developing its expertise in wool fibre and adapting to changes in demand and the market. This in-depth knowledge of the different breeds of sheep, the characteristics of their wools and processing methods means that we can offer a variety of wools tailored to the specific needs of the market and meeting today’s challenges.

SEGARD MASUREL: a guarantee of Qualitative wool

One of our main responsibilities as a wool supplier and trader is to help farmers produce quality wool. Our staff in France, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia are able to assess fineness, fibre length, colour, cleanliness, etc. and select the wool that meets our customer’s specifications.

It is interesting to note that there are as many types of wool as there are breeds of sheep and therefore as many possible uses. 

In New Zealand, the choice was made to select sheep breeds known as crossbreeds, which produce wools used mainly for carpets and insulation. In contrast the ‘finer’ Merino wools from Australia and South Africa are used for garments.

However, for Segard Masurel, quality wool is not just about the technical characteristics of the fibre, such as length, fineness and strength, but also about production that respects people, animals and the environment.

wool supplier
wool supplier
wool supplier

ABELUSI WOOL : our label certifying virtuous wool production

As a wool supplier, we have a responsibility to promote ethical farming practices that are economically sustainable and good for the environment and local communities. 

Through our close and privileged relationship with farmers, we are a key player in promoting and engaging our partners in quality wool production practices that respect animal welfare, the environment and social responsibility. 

This commitment is formalised by our Abelusi® Wool label for our South African merino wools.

Audits are carried out by Segard Masurel employees at the farms. Certified farmers undertake to comply with the production criteria defined in the Abelusi® Wool standard. 

Did you know that animals contribute to soil regeneration through holistic pasture management?

Abelusi® Plus supports our Abelusi® Wool partners in changing their farming practices. Regenerative farming practices improve the health of soils and ecosystems, providing a significant opportunity to sequester carbon and slow down climate change.

At the same time, we are committed to purchasing wool from ABELUSI® Wool-certified farmers at a market price plus a premium to encourage them to comply with the responsible practices required by our Label. 

Wool buyers are the essential links between farmers (the farming world), manufacturers and brands. They are the guarantors of quality wool produced under virtuous conditions.

By choosing suppliers who certify their wool production with a label adapted to the specific characteristics of the fibre, such as ABELUSI® WOOL, brands and consumers are helping to support a textile industry that is aware of and committed to sustainable production.

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