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Wool for the woollen mill

During its long and meticulous processing, wool goes through numerous processing stages before ending up in the spinning mills. It is important to ensure that the quality of the wool is correct, depending on the desired end use or the product to be manufactured.

A cosy, warm jumper does not necessarily require the same wool as a rug, for example. While some wools are used for worsted spinning, others are destined for woollen spinning!

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What is woollen wool?

Woollen wool means that the wool has been passed through a machine that untangles and aerates the raw fibre just after the scouring stage. This is also the right time to remove as much vegetable matter as possible from the wool, such as straw but also to blend it with other fibres or types of wool.

The result is a woollen fleece that is ready for use in making woollen yarns. 


Which wool should I choose for woollen spinning?

We won’t keep you in suspense any longer: for woollen spinning, you should opt for shorter wools.

At Segard Masurel, we offer wool in a variety of types, for example, carbonised wool, scoured wool, open tops, tops and noils, which is a by-product of the combing of various origins for woollen spinning. We also offer wool in sliver top form.

In addition, we offer all types and qualities of wool with varying degrees of fineness and vegetable matter for all types of use.

The end uses of wool for woollen spinning

Once the wool has been scoured or carbonised and carded, it is sent to the spinning mill to be processed into yarn.

This is a very important stage, and the processing depends on the end use or the desired product. For example, short wool intended for carded spinning can also be used:

– to make felt

– to make non-woven fabrics

– in upholstery for textile furniture or mattresses, for example.

However, it is important to distinguish between short wools. The finer wools tend to be destined for garments and textile industries. On the other hand, wools that are coarser will be used for carpet production. If a wool is neither too fine nor too twilled, it will be transformed into plaids, blankets or furnishing fabrics. 

Do you have a request for our wools for woollen spinning or other products? Contact our team for more information and advice.

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