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The group Segard Masurel also operates a private wool brokering business trading as Grampian Wools (Australia) Pty Ltd. Situated with stores in Hamilton, Coleraine and offering woolgrowers simple options to sell all or part of their clip privately or through the traditional auction system.

Grampian Wools (Australia) Pty Ltd provide a no obligation FREE quote on your clip. When your wool has been appraised and priced, you can make an informed decision on when to sell.

Provided as a net price, with no handling or core test charges, you can know what your wool is worth before it leaves your property.

Price On Result
When your wool has been delivered to our Hamilton wool store and after full AWTA testing, you will be offered the best possible price available through our parent company network. Prompt payment is available should the prices offered be approved. AWTA certification will be provided with payment.

Door Price
Ideal for small lines, oddments and bulk class. Deliver your wool to any of our stores where it will be promptly weighed and appraised and a no obligation price offered with immediate payment.

Private Tender or Auction
You also have the option to consign your wool for sale for a reasonable fee in our private tender catalogue which is available for sale to the wool trade at large on a daily basis. Net prices obtained through this method are comparable to auction prices. We can also arrange for your wool to be sold at auction at prevailing broker fees.…

Grampian Wools (Australia) Pty Ltd

111 Lodge Road, Hamilton, Victoria 3300
Phone: +61 3 5571 9099
Paul Donoghue : +61 4 3887 1432

26 Robertson Street, Coleraine, Victoria 3315
Phone: +61 3 5575 2609
Daniel Egan : +61 4 3875 2176


Our people

At Grampian Wools, our growers matter to us. Our team members have strong connections within the community and understand the needs of our growers. We endeavour to build sustainable client relationships through sincerity, attention to detail, clarity and integrity. We are passionate about the wool industry and appreciate the importance of superb customer service in establishing and maintaining our excellent reputation.

Store Manager/Wool Buyer – Hamilton

Mobile : 0438 871 432 –

Office : 03 5571 9099

Office Administration – Hamilton

Office: 03 5571 9099

Shipping Manager

Office: 03 5571 9099

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