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Segard Masurel Australia supplies wool worldwide including greasy for combing, greasy for open top and greasy carding types, as well as scoured wool product for combing and carding and carbonised product. We also produce open tops and specialized wool tops for high end weavers.

The business involves trading activities via Segard Masurel (Australia) Pty Ltd, and direct buying/brokering activities via Grampians Wools (Australia) Pty Ltd. The company prides itself on the quality and consistency of deliveries as well as the good relationship and service it provides to customers.

We work extremely hard to gain a better understanding of the client’s requirements and aim to deliver the best possible quality at a competitive price for timely shipment. Our experienced team is committed to taking the utmost care to ensure a uniform and consistent wool delivery that will return optimum processing results for our customers.

Segard Masurel Australia has an established work place culture of respect for people and their values, and that respect is extended to everyone we do business with as we strive to maintain our integrity and credibility.

Segard Masurel (Australia) Pty Ltd 
Wool House Unit 9 – 42-46 Vella Drive Sunshine, Victoria 3020
Phone: +61 3 9312 1199

Grampian Wools (Australia) Pty Ltd
111 Lodge Road Hamilton, Victoria 3300
Phone: +61 3 5571 9099

Our people

Jennifer Churchward
Assistant Shipping Manager
Len Tenace
Wool buyer & trader
Monica Guerrero
Accounting Manager

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