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Wool merchant since 1846

SEGARD MASUREL, a family business for 175 years, is a major player in the wool trade, commerce and processing.

The group is established in France, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

We work in nearly 30 countries, spread over 5 continents.

With a long experience in wool, we are the direct link between sheep breeders and our partners.

Our priority is to build a relationship of trust both with the breeders, whom we accompany, and with our customers.

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Segard Masurel takes care to make men grow in the respect of the animals and their environment. We want to allow our partners farmers and their teams to continue to live their passion and to produce quality wool.

We are convinced that this natural fiber will be all the more beautiful and recognized as the breeders will be sensitized, supported, accompanied to make evolve their practices for the good of all. This is why ABELUSI wool, traceable from shearing to delivery to the spinner, meets the requirements of customers looking for a wool that is simply… RESPONSIBLE.

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Ramassage de la laine l Segard Masurel

What is the role of the wool collector?

The wool selection process is as important as the shearing of the sheep. Not so long ago, French wool was left to its own devices, even burnt as it was…
Utilisations de la laine l Segard Masurel

The uses of sheep’s wool

Sheep’s wool is a noble, soft and supple material. But it is also a material with incredible thermal and absorbent properties. It can therefore be easily used in many fields…
Afrique du Sud à la rencontre des fermiers avec Asphalte laine l Segard Masurel

The manufacturing process of wool yarn

Wool yarn is such a small product, but it can be used to make many different textile and clothing items. We appreciate wool for its softness, its quality and its…
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