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Segard Masurel is involved in wool brokering, trading and processing in 5 countries across 3 continents.
Together with our network of agents we are represented in 5 continents.

We are 100% involved in the wool industry from farm to semi processed wool.

Services to woolgrowers

We offer direct buying and wool brokering services to farmers in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Click on your country to know more.

In Europe we have established strong links with merchants and shearers and buy wool for our own use as well as for trading.

Services to the textile industry

We supply a variety of wool products to many clients in the textile industry worldwide. Our clients operate in various sectors of the industry such as the fashion, formal dress, knitwear, sportswear, home textile, carpet and rugs, technical textiles, etc.

  • We supply wool – greasy, scoured, slipes, carbonized, wool tops, open tops, noils and wastes – of different origins and in different finenesses, from 15 to 40µm and we supply woolgrease.
  • We can provide reliable traceability guaranteeing the origin of the wool, sheep welfare, labour welfare and with an environmentally friendly process. Know more about Abelusi Wool.
  • We service the South African small users and cottage industry with raw white tops in small quantities.
  • We process on commission mainly in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe.