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Segard Masurel is a name synonymous with the international wool industry and
is a company steeped in history. Committed to wool for four generations, the group SEGARD MASUREL is the legacy of two family companies :  Segard & Cie and Masurel Fils.

MASUREL FILS was founded in 1846 in Roubaix, France. The Masurel’s were a famous family involved in wool trading, topmaking, and spinning. At some stage they were even the suppliers of woollen insigna for Napoleon’s army! MASUREL FILS rapidly became involved in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa…

FLIPO & SEGARD were founded in 1891 in Tourcoing, France, by Jules Segard, his brother Emile and their brother-in-law Pierre Flipo. They broke up the company in 1906, and the three former associates continued separately under the names of PIERRE FLIPO, EMILE SEGARD and SEGARD & Cie.

“In those days, my great grandfather Jules would leave his hometown for six months at a time to travel by sea and by
horse to buy wool around the world to supply the European wool industry. Things have changed a bit!”
says Olivier Segard, CEO of the group.”

SEGARD & Cie expanded into England, Spain, Portugal, Uruguay, Australia, South Africa and USA. They acquired the Belgian wool trader LESUR & Cie in 1963.

In 1965, two sons of Jules Segard, Antoine and Jacques, split the company again, and ANTOINE SEGARD & Cie was officially founded.


In remembrance of the founding families, and because the names were and are still well respected among the wool industry worldwide, the group was renamed SEGARD MASUREL in 2005.

SEGARD MASUREL is today a major stakeholder in wool trading, brokering and early stage processing and still belongs to the Segard family. The group is established in France, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

SEGARD MASUREL serve their clients in about 30 countries, which are spread over the 5 continents.