Wool could help save our planet but who is saving our wool?


The key objective of the Wool Start programme is to boost creativity and innovation among those who are capable and willing to harvest the natural qualities of wool for the collective benefit of our everyday communities and the environment, to push the boundaries and overcome any obstacles in the effective processing of this natural fibre and to promote the use of wool across existing and potential new markets.
These markets might include textile design, furniture, bedding, insulation and architecture or more practical applications involving farming, shearing, classing, the mechanical processing of wool and recycling.
It might encompass fashion apparel, high-performance clothing, addressing and testing biological functionality or niche uses in the medical sector, high-functioning breathing apparatus and sustainable packaging.
Segard Masurel realises there are many and varied applications for wool being driven by increasing consumer demand for an eco-friendlier environment. The company wants to see all avenues explored thoroughly and with determination to give wool a brighter future.
The Wool Start grant is open to people aged 18 to 45 years who are either enrolled at a recognised learning or training institute or working in the wool-related sector in New Zealand. Candidates may wish to attend a course or training programme to enhance their career in wool or require help to complete a thesis at tertiary level.

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