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Segard Masurel is uniquely positioned in the SA wool industry, with both brokering and buying operations. Together with the  Segard Masurel international companies and our strong relationships with service providers in combing, spinning and weaving as well as commitments from large retailers such as the Decathlon group, Abelusi wool connects our local wool farmers to the retailed garment in a seamless chain.

Abelusi (a Xhosa word meaning shepherds), together with you the farmer takes responsibility for sheep, wool, the environment  and people.

Segard Masurel oversees (shepherds) the process from on-farm to delivery of the processed wool to the retailer. A contract with Decathlon (a major international sporting goods retailer) is in place, and wool has been bought, at a premium to market price, and shipped.

What is required of wool producers to be part of Abelusi ?

  1. Wool must meet the technical specifications – Segard Masurel will advise you of these.
  2. Be prepared to contract directly with Segard Masurel for the sale of your qualifying wools at a premium to the market price, at the time of contracting.
  3. Ensure that you adhere to the Abelusi standards for wool production (these are similar to the COBP with some additions.)
  4. Subject yourself to on-farm audits, conducted by Segard Masurel on an annual basis.
  5. Strive to continually improve your on-farm management and practices.
  6. Where the audit findings show an area to be improved upon, you must undertake to fix the problem areas within an agreed period of time.

For more info please contact any of us hereunder.

Office 041 4510481
Clarence Friskin 0832297940
Chrisna Coetsee 072 1780795
Henfred Linde 066 4790959